Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Great Gatsby

Hi Ladies!
I was stuck in a hair rut today and decided to play around with my headbands! If you have medium to long hair, this will be super easy. 

Step 1: Place your headband on your head (I prefer the skinnier ones for a less Olivia- Newton -workout -look;) 
Step 2: Make sure the headband is placed towards the hairline, and not in the middle of your forehead ( it just looks better that way, I think). 
Step 3: Start by taking sections of your hair, and tucking them over and into the headband as if you were setting a pin curl. Continue to do this all the way around your head. Pull some strands out on either side for a slightly undone look.
Step 4: Set with a light, flexible hold hairspray and finish with some shine mist et voila! 

For suggestions on headbands and hair products, I love TIGI Bed Head Shine Adrenaline and MOP Glisten Finish Flexible Hold Spray.  Etsy.com is a perfect place to find unique and beautiful headbands and hair jewelry. Check out FunnyPeopleCo or H&M for ones similar to the one I'm wearing ( mine is "vintage" H&M ;)

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